About us

We are offering business consultancy in the HR field as HR SmartView Consulting provides integrated solutions in the human capital area, trying to answer to the increasing challenges of the talent attraction, development as well as retention within the organisations in a changing economic and social environment.

Our clients can count on our professionalism, commitment, time, effort as well as on the passion we put in the projects that we undertake.

Our Vision is to be recognized as benchmark supplier in the HR related area by the partners that we are working with.

Our Mission is to transform challenges into viable solutions.

We can do all the above by supporting all our behaviours on the following values:

Openness: we listen to the needs of our business partners, we are open to explore opportunities and investigate alternatives.

Quality: the results of our work are having high quality standards, we base the products resulting from our projects on our business and people related knowledge, skills and experience, working closely also with collaborators from the business environment, we act with integrity and responsibly in our everyday work.

Consistency: we have a consistent approach, we set milestones and do periodical evaluations of our work, we collect and act on the feed-back received.

Ability to adapt to change: we are flexible and prepared to adapt to change, to the realities of the economic and social environment and also to the transformation happening within organizations, influenced by the development stage they are in, their age or by external factors.