Language Tower

We provide general English language trainings as well as Specialist English learning solutions,  varying from individual tutoring to classroom courses and conversation clubs.

For HR specialists and recruiters, the following programmes are available, running all through the year:

Conversation clubs for recruiters (2-4 particpants):                        Boris - study and books theme @ Home, Toronto - Ontario (Nov 2nd, 2008)

  • Recruiting skills : one module with six sessions, 12 hours
  • Interviewing skills: one module with six sessions, 12 hours

Conversation club for HR Specialists/Managers (2-4 participants): one module with six sessions, 12 hours.

English for HR Specialists /Managers: in class courses, groups or 3-4 participants, modules of 40 hours in total, taking place in sessions twice/week.


Personalised language trainings can take place at the offices of our clients  for groups of minimum 3 participants / module.

Before entering any module, we organize a free of charge level exam.

As of 2015 we also organise Romanian language classes for foreigners.

For registration or additional information please email us at