Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of usage for www.hrsmartview.ro web site


S.C. HR SmartView Consulting S.R.L owns and administers within the legal requirements the web page available on www.hrsmartview.ro, which presents data and information about the services provided, as well as various materials published with the purpose of promoting the company or to respect legal stipulations.

HR SmartView Consulting doesn’t hold any responsibility for any action undertaken by the users based on the information which is published on the site. Both information and materials are published for information purposes and do not constitute an offer, nor generate any contractual obligation for the company. Should the users of the site need more detailed information about the offer of HR SmartView Consulting , they only need to fill in the contact form available on the site or using the information available within CONTACT section.

The whole content of this website (images, texts, graphics, symbols, trade marks, logo-s, web graph elements, scripts, programs and databases) is the property of HR SmartView Consulting and is protected by the copyright legislation. Usage of any of the elements above mentioned without the prior approval from the site owners is punished as per the legislation in force.

The contents of the site www.hrsmartview.ro cannot be copied, reproduced, changed, transferred, distributed, republished, or transmitted under any format, including electronically without the prior written agreement of HR SmartView Consulting representatives.

The usage of the website www.hrsmartview.ro mean compliance and acceptance of the terms and conditions above described.


S.C. HR SmartView Consulting S.R.L is registered as an operator of personal data under the number 18295 registered in the Registrar of Evidence for operating with personal data.
In line with law no. 677/2001 with reference to the protection of people regarding operations with personal data and the traffic of such data, modified and completed by law no. 506/2004 for operating with peronal data and protection of private lives within electronic communications, HR SmartView Consulting has the obligation to administer as per the the law provisions and only for the purposes specified the personal data that you supply us with.

Please be informed that the data you provide to us is operated only for the purpose of recruitment and selection, for promotion, marketing and publicity purposes as well as for electronic communication purposes. Also, the data collected offer to the user the possibility to benefit from the services offered by HR SmartView Consulting, including through usage of this website. In case any of your data is incorrect please let us know as soon as possible to be able to operate the necessary changes.

The registered information is meant for usage by HR SmartView Consulting and can be communicated only to the following addresses: relevant people, employer/potential employer of the relevant people and/or the agency for recruitment and selection.

As per law. 677/2001, you benefit from the access rights, intervention rights upon data, the right of addressing yourself to the court.
At the same time, you have the right to oppose to the operating of your personal data and request the delete of these from the database of the company. In this case, you agree that deleting your personal data means the imposibility to benefit from all services that HR SmartView Consulting is offering.

In order to make use of these rights, please address in writing at the company headoffice or through e-mail at office@hrsmartview.ro.